To build a robust, efficient and Technology Responsive Revenue Collection System that encourage voluntary compliance.


To serve as the agent for sustainable optimal IGR flows through all legal avenues and in compliance with international best practice for the development of the state.


    • 1

      To assess and collect taxes due for Katsina State government.
    • 2

      To monitor and supervise the collection of all non-tax revenue in all revenue-generating MDAs of the State.
    • 3

      To ensure that all taxes and revenues are effectively collected and accounted for
    • 4

      To apply penalties to the defaulters under the relevant laws.
    • 5

      To make policy on the management of the Service.
    • 6

      To manage the State Internal Revenue Service.
    • 7

      To make recommendations to the Joint Tax Board on tax matters in the State.
    • 8

      To implement Joint Tax Board (JTB) decisions. Policies guidelines and programs.
    • 9

      To advise the state government on tax matters
    • 10

      To educate and mobilize the Public on tax matters