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The motor vehicle registration process takes 24 hours from application to receipt of certificate.

1. Applicant obtains and fills the free vehicle registration application form from the Motor License Authority (MLA) Office at the Katsina State Internal Revenue Service located at No.1 Abba Musa Rimi Way, Katsina, 08030651185 or any of the KTIRS offices within the state

  1. Head_Quarters, No.1 Abba Musa Rimi Way Katsina
  2. Baure, Baure Town
  3. Charanchi, Kano Road near police station Charanchi
  4. Dandume, Dandume Town
  5. Daura, Maiadua Road Daura Town
  6. Dutsinma, Dutsinma
  7. Faskari, Faskari Town
  8. Funtua, Zaria Road Opp. GGDSS Funtua
  9. Ingawa, Kankia Road Ingawa Town
  10. Jibia, Magama Road opp GGSS Jibia
  11. Kaita, Katsina Road Kaita Town
  12. Kankara, Kankara Town
  13. Kankia, Katsina Road Kankia
  14. Katsina 1, Nagogo Road Katsina
  15. Katsina 2, Treasury Katsina
  16. Malumfashi, opp. old LG secretariate MLF
  17. Mani, Katsina Road Mani
  18. Mashi, Katsina Road Mashi

2. Applicants are required to attach the vehicle particulars to the form:

  • Purchase receipt
  • Purchase invoice
  • Customs duty certificate
  • Sales agreement (in the case of a change of ownership)

3. Submit the filled application form to the MLA Office to any KTIRS office in Katsina State.

4. Instantly, the Desk Officer at the MLA will crosscheck the form and the attached documents. If it is okay, the allocation of the number and the fees payable will be communicated to the applicant.

5. Fees payable include Vehicle registration fee, vehicle license fee, registration book, vehicle test fee, carrier permit (for pick-ups and trucks), etc. Fees payable vary based on the type or category of vehicle to be registered

6. Successful applicants are required to make payments immediately through this unique account number 2022171733 at any of the Listed Banks or at the POS terminal provided in the MLA office, and return the evidence of payment to the MLA of the applicant starting point.

7. After submission of proof of payment (bank teller), the registration particulars will then be printed by the MLA and attached to the registration book including the vehicle plate number. Registration particulars include vehicle registration receipt, vehicle license, and vehicle test receipt.

8. The applicant will proceed to the Vehicle Inspection Office (VIO) for vehicle inspection and issuance of the certificate of roadworthiness according to the Road Traffic Law 1949. This process is expected to be concluded within 24 hours. After the vehicle inspection and issuance of road worthiness certificate, the vehicle is now worthy to be on the road.

9. Applicant proceeds to obtain a vehicle insurance certificate at any of the federal government-approved insurance companies and returns the duplicate copy to the MLA office. Obtaining the insurance certificate is instant on payment. Insurance fees vary according to the type of insurance (comprehensive, third-party or commercial), type of vehicle registrations and the insurance company Listed Insurance Companies

10. Proof of ownership certificate (for new cars) will then be issued (for newly bought cars) and communicated to the applicant within two weeks of the registration at the MLA office.

Obtaining vehicle insurance and proof of ownership certificates are secondary activities of vehicle registration.

For further information contact Katsina State Internal Revenue Service located at No.1 Abba Musa Rimi Way, Katsina, 08030651185, 08067252437 or or visit our website at

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